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Bluetooth is short-range wireless technology used for interconnecting mobile phones, computers, and personal digital assistants (PDAs). It is the technology that enables earpieces to work with cell phones. SMS (Text Messaging) has no proximity boundary and can deliver customized scheduled messages to cellular devices. The combination of SMS and Bluetooth provides a full spectrum of messaging capabilities and a vast range of possibilities for marketers.

The Billboards-4-Rent  digital mobile billboards and access to over 200,000 digital billboards around the world adds a totally unique spin to SMS and Bluetooth promotions. Using our full range of media services increases awareness and drives response rates because we can educate and drive traffic to you in high-profile and powerful way.

Consider this: more than 3.1 billion people worldwide and 200 million in the U.S. use cell phones, and more than 71% of them are Bluetooth-enabled and 96% are SMS ready. Industry experts forecasted that 94% of major brands planned to deploy campaigns via mobile phones in 2010. Mobile Video  usage continues to grow worldwide. Check out this recent article titled “Mobile Video Audience Grows 70% in Q209.”

In an era when our eco-system is on the minds of many, companies are looking for eco-friendly ways to operate effectively without hurting the environment. If your company is one of the smart ones looking to take environmentally friendly approaches to your marketing strategy then we say “Go Green, and beam with Brands In Motion. By incorporating a Bluetooth campaign into your digital media strategy you will maximize your efforts in the viral marketing arena.

Mobile Marketing Applications

Billboards-4-Rent provides advertisers and agencies the most cost-effective, highly targeted full-service solution for reaching their target customers. Using our cutting-edge SMS and Bluetooth-based solution, you can deliver your message directly to your customers’ most personal medium – their cell phones. You can even use our interactive JUMBOLive  format in conjunction with our Jumbo Screens and Digital Mobile Billboards for even greater consumer participation.

JUMBOLive is a  proprietary text to screen technology, will allow guests and the audience to participate in Live Chat, Trivia, Scavenger Hunts and Voting Surveys centered around customer themed promotions that are displayed on our Jumbo Screens.

Our innovative text messaging promotions and Jumbo Screens enables guests to not only text message you, and vice versa, but we now can have guests send MMS pictures from their phone up to the Jumbo Video screen(s). Yes, everything is filtered and screened before it hits the screen for public display. Of course the biggest advantage of all this is the Mobile Marketing feature which lets you collect all the cell phone numbers of those participating at your venue, so you can send them promotional messages in the future.

Traditional advertising channels including newspapers, magazines, television and radio are no longer effective in reaching customers who are becoming increasingly dependent on their phones for their personal and professional business.

Billboards-4-Rent  handles all aspects of deploying your advertising from campaign management to installation, support and reporting across the digital platform. From Mobile Phones to Digital Mobile Billboards our service is consistent and seamless.

Branding – Send a logo, snapshot, or video or audio teaser to reinforce your campaign.

Point-of-Purchase – Deliver a coupon, bar code, or discount offer to drive traffic into retail stores, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

Product Samples – Deliver a coupon, bar code, or discount offer to drive traffic into retail stores, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

Event Promotions – Issue reminders about ticket sales, book signings,or holiday events. Scavenger Hunts and Contests.

Information – Target guests with information about property venues, events and activities.

Market Examples – Hotel/Resort/Hospitality/Shopping Malls/Grocery Store Parking Lots/Conventions/Trade Shows/Arenas/Theaters/Beverage/Food Distributors/Commercial/Home Real Estate/Retail Storefront Businesses.

Benefits of Beaming Solutions

Billboards-4-Rent’s beaming solution offers many benefits:

  • Highly Targeted — It reaches more of your target customers when and where they want to buy.
  • Cost-Effective — It is significantly cheaper than traditional advertising (e.g. print, TV, radio), more relevant, and measurable.
  • Flexible — Because the solution is web-based and remotely programmable, campaigns can be developed and deployed quickly to take advantage of immediate opportunities.
  • Our Expertise — Our experienced and knowledgeable team works with you to develop campaigns designed specifically for Bluetooth technology, and we provide detailed results reporting.
  • Digital Mobile Billboards Provide Huge Visibility

Effectiveness of Bluetooth and SMS Text Marketing

Combined with what we refer to as “best practices” of making the user aware that something valuable is available via Bluetooth and SMS in the local area we see acceptance rates as high as 40% compared to PPC or Direct Mail campaigns. This is a better, overall, return AND substantially more cost-effective.

Bluetooth Marketing Direct Mail TV /Radio Print Media Web/PPC
Time to market 15min 30days 30days 30days 1-2 days
Acceptance 3% shotgun .5% shotgun .1% shotgun .15% targeted .4% semi-targeted
Average user contact 30k/month 10k/month 280k/month 25k/month 5k/month
Average Acceptance 900 people per month 500 people per month 2800 people per month 375 people per month 200 people per month
Cost over 3 month $133/month $1500/month $20k/month $1500/month $433/month
Cost per person $0.14 $3.00 $7.14 $4.00 $2.16

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